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We keep Jacobs for their lovely spotted fleece and hardiness. Some of our sheep are registered and some are not.

Varda and lambsSPArienAnar

Olde English Babydolls

2009 Ewes
Charlotte & Fern

In 2009 we added two babydoll ewes to the farm. These small sheep are very cute and have wonderful fleece.


In 2011 we added a ram to our flock. Look for lambs in the future. Our babydoll sheep are registered with the Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry


Leicester Longwools


Leicester Longwools are medium to large size sheep that produce long, curly, and lustrous wool.
They are listed on The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as critical. Our flock currently consists of three white ewes and one colored ram. We hope to have lambs available in the spring of 2012. More information on this wonderful breed can be found at the Leicester Longwool Sheep Breeders Association.

Our flock sire for 2011


OGF Rambo (X10403C)
Rambo was purchased from Old Gjerpen Farm in 2010 as a lamb. Rambo has an excellent fleece and we are hoping for some high quality lambs in the spring of 2012.


Ziva is a 2011 ewe.




Mary is 50% Merino, 25%Rambouillet, and 25%CVM. Mary should be bred to our Leicester Longwool ram for 2012 lambs.



Cookie, Keiki, and Kandi are Border Leicester Crosses from Steam Valley Fiber Farm. Cookie is 25%Jacob and 75% Border Leicester. Keike and Kandy are 7/8 Border Leicester and 1/8 Corriedale. These three may be bred to a black Border Leicester ram for 2012 lambs.





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