These petz are available by request only.


Key Dogz D - Dachshund Scot - Scottie Dal - Dalmatian P - Poodle M - Mutt B - Bulldog L - Labrador G - Great Dane S - Sheep Dog C - Chihuahua
Catz C - Calico B - B+W Shorthair P - Persian CP - Chinchilla Persian T- Tabby S - Siamese R - Russian Blue M - Main Coon O - Orange Shorthair A - Alley Cat


In the example below Fudgy is  a 3rd gen Male puppy with Poodle, Dachshund, Bulldog, and Scottie breeding and has not been adopted.

Dogz Adult Puppy Male Female Spayed/Neutered Gen Hex P D Dal M B L G S C Scot. Adopted
  X X     3   X X     X         X